Give your track car the track adjustments it deserves. 



Racetrack experience is not only fuelled by power, but also by grip!

In order to get a better racetrack feeling it's important to put the right tyre-wheel combination under your car. With the right combination you'll immediately get a more intense driving experience and in the end also better lap times!


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Is your car to loud for the track noise limit? We can fix you a DB killer. If it doesn’t exist, we can make it in most cases!

DB Killer

Oil cooler, intercooler & radiator upgrades

when pushing your car to the limit on a track day, the engine needs a good cooling system. The stock system can be insufficient.

We have a variety of solutions to improve the cooling system for most track suited cars.

We offer additional oil coolers, radiator, and intercooler upgrades.

Suspension & Brakes

KW v3 clubsport, KW v4

We offer a big range of different suspension upgrades to get the best possible setup to ensure you get the most out of your trackday!

Most of the track suited coilover kits come with camber plates and uniball top mounts.

Camber plates

Performance brakes & discs

Corner balancing and wheel alignment

Steel brake lines

We have our own in-house wheel alignment machine and corner balancing scales, so we can assure you to get the best possible setup and control for your trackday.

We can replace the standard rubber brake lines, by steel brake lines to increase the bite of your braking system.

We can offer better brakepads and discs for all conditions and driving styles.

If your car is already equipped with a good suspension, but your car still underteers, we can give you a better track setup by installing camber plates.

Track wheelset with semi slicks tyres

We can offer wheelsets with semi-slick tyres in different price ranges for most cars.

With brands as BBS, OZ, protrack wheels,…


We can take care of the servicing, maintenance and pre-trackday check up

  • Control and if necessary replacements of all fluids (engine oil, brake fluid, gearbox oil, differential oil,…)
  • Brake and tyre checkup
  • Wheel alignment and corner balancing (if necessary)
  • Visual chassis check